Introducing 0xbench


Today (Aug 14) we are announcing the release of 0xBench, an open source Android benchmarking app developed by 0xlab.

0xBench comes with several built-in benchmarks including Linpack, Scimark2, LibMicro, …, etc. 0xBench can also be extended. Developers can add their own benchmarks (either in native C or Java) to suit their needs.

0xBench is now on the Android Market. If you wish to try it on your phone, please search for “0xBench” in the Market or scan the following QR code with your phone.

In addition to 0xBench, we are also introducing a website called 0xBenchWeb, a simple web service that stores and visualizes your benchmarking results. After finish running benchmarks on your phone, you can choose to upload your results to 0xBenchWeb.

You can find binary, source code, and documentation in following links: