Git: Remove (Un-add) Files From Last Commit

A lot of times we use git commit --amend to add the files that we have forgotten to the last commit (usually HEAD), or simply to fix typos in its commit message. However, you can’t remove, or un-add, committed files from the latest commit with git commit --amend. Here’s how:

  • Point your HEAD to the commit prior to the latest commit, without touching the index nor the working tree:
git reset --soft HEAD
  • Now your HEAD points to the commit prior to the lastest commit, your ORIG_HEAD points to the latest commit, and your working tree and staging area is the same as the latest commit. Now we unstage all the changes from the staging area (or index), and add the files you originally intended to commit:
git reset HEAD .
git add <files>
  • Finally, commit the staged files and reuse the metadata of the wrong commit:
git commit -c ORIG_HEAD

you can always you git rebase to turn back time.